Cameron Barnes


Stats: 6’3”

Aus Agent (Theatrical):

U.S Agent (All):


Shut Up & Run            Lead                D: Kamyla Davis

Timeless                       Lead                 D; Hannes Guggenburger 

Devils Cove                   Lead                D; Erik Lindmark

The Oyster                    Lead                 D: Jayden Smith | Independent

KamKill                           Lead                 D: Adam Terren | IndependentLead

The Wolverine              Featured         D: James Mangold | 20th Century Fox

Lord of the Rings (I)     Featured         D: (Sir) Peter Jackson | Universal

The Vertical Limit         Featured         D: Martin Campbell | Columbia

Weakness                    Lead                 D: Peter Reuben | Independent

Family Affairs               Supporting      D: Natsuko Nadama

Hold it in                       Lead                  D: Omar Sahin

To Serve                       Lead                  D: Jon Lontos

Sid's House                 Supporting       D: Adam Johnsson | Independent


Betrayed [Sn2 Ep1]                       Starring         D: Yoram Astrakhan

Deadly Women (Sn8 Ep2, Ep7)      Starring        D: John Maverty | Discovery

Deadly Women (Sn7 Ep18)            Starring        D: John Maverty | Discovery

Australia's Deadliest                       Starring        D: Jackie Munro | NatGeo

Australia's Deadliest                       Starring        D: Jackie Eadie | NatGeo

Dust Devils                                       Featured      D: Jessica Hobbs | ABC

Bikie Wars                                         Featured      D: Peter Andrikidis | ABC

2010 - present

2017 Escape Travel                                [TVC, Print, Web]         Cartel Films

2017 Fedex Better Office                        [Print, Web]                

2016 'You're better on Beef'                      [TVC, Print, Web]           BMF

2016 Raine & Horne Real Estate                [Print, PoS, Web]          DMC Labs

2016 Hyundai EOFS                                     [TVC, Print, Web)           Rocket Films

2016 NBN "NBN is Better"                            (TVC, Print)                     Chief Productions

2015 Telstra "Woah, Coverage!"                (TVC, Print, Web)           for Ogilvy Aust.

2015 Masters "Summer Catalogue"          (TVC,Print)                      Mammal Productions

2015 Mersyndol "Ditch the Hammer"       (Print, Web)                    for Saatchi & Saatchi Aust.

2015 Woolworths "Jamie's Summer"       (TVC, Print, Web)           Rapid Films
2015 NBN "Connect Better"                        (Print)                             for BBDO Aust.
2015 St George Bank Rewards                  (Print, PoS, Web)          Lizard Management
2014 Valvoline Raceway "Saturdays"      (TVC)                               The Bowery Collective
2014 St George Vertigo Credit Card          (Print, In-store, Web)   Lizard Management
2014 Woolworths "Fresh Food People"   (TVC)                              Rapid Films
2014 Sara Lee "Everybody's Favourite"   (TVC)                              Rapid Films
2013 BOC "What If"                                       (TVC)                               Traffic Film Production
2013 Choosi Insurance                              (TVC, Web)                     Plump Films
2013 Aust Debt Reduction                         (TVC, Web)                     Plump Films
2013                                     (TVC, Print)                      Sparrow Media
2012 'Kiss Goodbye to MS'                         (TVC)                               Sparrow Media
2011 HCF Insurance                                   (TVC)                               Pedestrian Media


NB: 'Hero' or Lead roles listed. Featured in many other commercial & industrial productions

2010 - present

Coward at Christmas    Gennesian Theatre                        D: Debbie Cox

Grimm Tales                   Gretel in Darkness                          D: Sepy Baghaei

Happy Anniversary      New Theatre                                    D: Peter Morris

Small Poppies               Darlinghusrt Theatre Company    D: Amanda Stephens-Lee

Training & Workshops

On-Camera Intensive – American Academy of Dramatic Art (LA).

American Accent Scene Study - Screenwise

Standard American Accent – Rowena Balos (LA).

Standard American Accent – Paige Walker (Aus)

On-Camera Technique – Saxon Trainor (LA).

Stanislavsky Method – Natela Dszushvili.

Acting for the Stage – Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Production Skills:

Non-Aerial Stunt Work, Fight Choreography, Firearms, Medieval Weapons, Heavy Prosthetics, Motorcycle: On & Off Road


Standard American, American Southern, Australian, New Zealand (Native), U.K (Multiple), Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian, South African, German, Russian.


Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, Rugby, Volleyball, Surfing.